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Yoga for Your Yoni Part III

Let’s continue with the next phase of our Yoni yoga!

What we have been working on is our short squeezes—squeezing as many times as we can per minute, and working towards doing more per minute. This next week, try to increase the number of squeezes per minute you did last month by 25 or more in the next 7 days. Remember, you can work up to 120 short squeezes in 60 seconds. Remember, the key to creating the results you want is to practice with consistency.

Next, we will explore the long squeeze. Here, you hold a deeper, more quality squeeze for a longer amount of time, rather than doing many over the course of 1 minute. Start with a quick assessment. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles tightly and hold it for as long as you can, while keeping track of time. Write your number down, regardless if it’s for 10 seconds, 30 seconds or a minute. Once you have a baseline of where you are now, you can work towards increasing and strengthening your ability to hold a long squeeze in your pelvic floor muscles for up to 2 minutes or longer. The stronger your Yoni gets, the easier and more natural it will become to hold the muscles closed and tight for longer periods of time.

Tune in next month for the next phase of yoga for your yoni.

Just a few reminders…

1) Make sure you are doing the exercises properly…squeeze only your pelvic floor muscles, not the muscles in your glutes.

2) Keep track of your starting point and improvements by writing your numbers down weekly in your Yoni journal.

3) Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy your Yoni practice time as sacred Self-time. Be patient and playful with yourself and your body.

4) Try these practices in a variety of positions (sitting, laying down, squatting, and standing) in order to explore the practice and your skill more deeply.

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