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Women are busy. We’re superheroes, really, balancing marriage/relationships, kids, careers/businesses, the household, the meals, family, friends, appointments, the social calendar…I can go on and on. While being a superhero is impressive and honorable, it’s not uncommon at the end of the day, when all (or some) of the boxes on the to-do list are checked — the family is fed, the dishes are done, and the kids are asleep — there isn’t much energy left for ourselves. As a result, our libido, or sex drive, can be affected. Thankfully, diet can help — and we can get in the mood with food!

Fatigue — among other factors like medications, chronic health issues and hormonal changes — impacts our desire for sex. In fact, fatigue is the ultimate libido killer. While many equate libido with youth, estrogen and passionate relationships, nutrition actually plays one of the biggest roles in sexual desire. The “tired housewife” syndrome, so to speak — the antithesis of a strong libido — can reverse itself with beneficial foods, good sleep, hydration and regular exercise.

Fatigue, aside from poor sleep and excessively busy schedules, is often a symptom of what and how we eat. Grab that bagel or doughnut for breakfast on the go and you’re sure to feel the mid-morning sleepies leaving you reaching for your next caffeine fix and, you guessed it, more sugar. Many of us get stuck on this blood sugar roller coaster ride of spikes and crashes, leaving us to feel chronically fatigued, depleted and mentally fogged — low libido is the product of this very cycle.

With a few tweaks, you can halt this cycle, spiking your libido rather than your blood sugar. In addition to a sexual mood boost, you may also rid yourself of that nagging headache, shed a few pounds, and once again feel energized and vibrant… ready for love when the moment strikes.

1. Cut Out Highly Refined and Sugary Foods

This includes white bread, pastries, candy, starchy grains (like white rice), potato chips and refined sweeteners, as well as processed meats, cold cuts and hot dogs. These are devoid of any real nutrients that fuel your body. They also spike your blood sugar levels, which impact energy levels and mood, and perpetuates cravings for even more junk food. If you’re looking for sweetness, try natural sweeteners or fruit.

2. Opt for a Whole Foods Diet Made up of Mostly Plants

You don’t need to ditch your favorite steak forever, but by eating more plants rather than conventional animal foods and processed foods, you’ll improve your health and wellbeing, reverse chronic health conditions, support a healthy weight, and have more energy – the recipe for a high libido. Whole, plant-based foods are rich in fibre, beneficial fats and protein, the macronutrients that help us manage blood sugar levels (more on that below). They are also wonderful sources of vitamins and minerals that support hormone balance.

3. Reach for Staple Aphrodisiac Foods

Pumpkin seeds, spinach, almonds, chickpeas and watermelon are known to stabilize blood sugar, increase energy, and elevate sexual mood. These foods also provide nutrients that are linked to reducing risk of disease, dropping body fat, relaxing the blood vessels and increasing blood flow — all of which are vital for a strong libido.

4. Consume Protein, Fibre and Healthy Fats at Every Meal

These are going to help you stabilize your blood sugar levels and are full of nutrients that fuel your body and brain, restore optimal functioning in the body’s systems and keep you feeling full. Protein is essential for hormone production and many of us don’t consume enough of it daily. If you’re struggling with this, these 21 ways to get more protein in your diet can be a big help! Fat, too, is important for our hormones and you can consume a variety of healthful fats including coconut products, avocado, nuts, seeds, cacao butter, ghee, and more.

5. Explore Libido-Boosting Superfoods

Explore some of the best libido-boosting superfoods around like maca, kelp, bee pollen and warming spices like ginger and nutmeg. These powerhouse foods not only surge energy levels, but they can be thought of as nature’s competition to Viagra by amplifying sexual virility, balancing hormones, supporting sexual functions, and boosting arousal and sexual mood.

So get in the kitchen with your love interest, play with some new foods and eating habits, and get cooking to get in the mood with food. You’ll thank me later!

Check out our Ultimate Food Guide for Boosting Libido that integrates these aphrodisiac foods and more! Full color, 24-page, digital book complete with education on the food+libido connection, a 5-day meal plan, 17 accompanying recipes and shopping list all focused on boosting libido and improving overall health. The plan is entirely gluten free, dairy free and high plant-based.

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