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"Make every bite count!"

Ideally, when we cook and eat, we want to make every bite count. Whipping up super tasty dishes is fun...we all want mouthwatering food, but if health is our priority, we want to ensure we are getting the most out of our food nutritionally, as well. Healthy food that tastes great is actually possible. Why not strive to craft and create delicious dishes that are packed with the most nutrient-dense, healing and nourishing foods nature has to offer. Like I always for wellness AND love your food!

We are surrounded by foods that are unhealthy and full of crap our bodies just don’t need - from refined white sugars and flours that throw our blood sugar out of balance to the GMO-laden vegetable oils that activate our immune systems and cause inflammation. And, trust me, I know when you are new to creating a healthy active lifestyle, it can be difficult (and overwhelming) to figure out what you can use to replace your familiar cooking standbys.

Attached is an infographic, created by my culinary nutrition school, The Academy of Culinary Nutrition, that shares healthy substitutions that serve as perfect (and delicious) alternatives to your unhealthy go-to’s.

I absolutely love this infographic…it covers all the bases and is very clear! I am happy I can share it with you.


Identify 3 unhealthy ingredients you use most commonly and commit to making the healthy swap with the alternatives listed for at least 21 days! By 21 days, the swap will become habitual, your taste buds will have likely shifted to the swap, and you will probably notice improvements or results in how you feel after eating.

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