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Celebrating your Feminine Essence

The sacredness of the feminine cycles is dead. Many women today breathe in challenge, frustration and aversion to the natural courses of their body, rather than reverence, celebration, appreciation and most importantly STILLNESS. Across the woman’s lifespan, her body shifts and evolves, by divine design and intelligence, not only to birth life, but to nurture consciousness and the evolving Self as the Divine Feminine. Every inch of a woman’s body is draped with mystery of creation, perfection and divinity. We are expressions of the Conscious Creator. The way in which we connect and relate to our body’s natural cycles will either bring us closer to our own divinity and empowerment or will continue to push us farther away from our true essence.

Menstruation, conception, pregnancy, labor & childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause are all expressions of the sacred intelligence, and creative, sexual energy women possess. Many women resist the natural flow of menstruation each month, finding it uncomfortable and disgusting. The reality is that the cyclic nature of menstruation is the foundation of woman’s wisdom; it is a time for stillness and self-integration. It is a time for rest, self-nurturing and connection with Source energy. We are blessed with magnificence; our bodies are divinely equipped with a system of self-cleansing. Our bodies create the space to clear and release what is no longer serving us. This clearing must happen to make room for growth and newness. Resistance of this natural process yields us to greater stress, discomfort, physical symptoms, and robs us of realizing the divine essence of our womanhood.

I invite you to release your old, disserving views of your body and your menstrual cycle, and begin to integrate love and reverence for this sacred, creative intelligence unfolding that is your birthright. Make menstruation a ritual of self-power, stillness, connection and release. Celebrate this ritual, return to nature & inner balance, and honor your body by becoming still to listen.

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