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Yoga for Your Yoni

Many women invest time, energy and money on the gym to tone our arms, thighs, glutes and abs. What many of us often times forget about is toning our most sacred muscles of all…our vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles—those connected to the Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitalia, which translates beautifully to mean “divine passage, womb or sacred temple”. So, although physical strength, health and daily physical exercise is important, Yoni fitness is just as, if not, MORE important! It nurtures our inner Feminine essence, heals and strengthens the female reproductive organs, and rejuvenates our vibrant sexuality.

Yoga for your Yoni is a collection of internal tools and techniques that ground us in our spiritual practice, energize our root chakra and connect us to the most intimate and sacred part of our being as women. It can be integrated into your life at any point and at any age. In fact, as you grow older, biologically and reproductively, yoni exercises can be a powerful and effective way to maintain your youthful sexual nature by fortifying the sexual organs, alleviating discomfort from menopause and helping to ward off gynecological dis-ease and cancer.

Yoga for your Yoni includes a number of practices that involve flexing/squeezing the pelvic floor muscles, pulsating and holding these muscles for long durations of time, breathing in through the ovaries, drawing life force energy from the womb and ovaries, circulating sexual energy throughout the body, and massaging the breasts. This set of practices is paramount for mending conditions like vaginal ‘looseness’, urinary incontinence, and even lifting prolapsed organs. These practices also help to keep the vaginal walls tight, supple and well lubricated; dramatically increase sex drive; and create an overall boost in physical, sexual and spiritual energy levels.

Stay tuned to receive basic instruction on each of these practices, beginning with working the pelvic floor muscles and using the infamous Jade Egg to increase vaginal strength, elasticity, and juiciness!

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