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The Elusive Meal Plan


Let’s start diving into the 6-Step Success Checklist…we’ll focus in on each of the 6 steps and then continue our 30 days with tips, tricks recipes and overcoming your most common barriers.

Step 1: Meal Plan

It’s important to have your nutrition plan in place that will support your specific goals. It’s also important to have a basic understanding of your macros and eating structure for the day. Macros are the big nutrients your body needs to function and maintain health, and these same nutrients are essential to weight loss and building muscle. I’m talking about:

  1. HEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES (your energy source),

  2. PROTEIN (feeds your brain, muscles, cells and helps you feel full), and

  3. HEALTHY FATS (for brain health, healthy hormone levels, joints health, energy and weight loss).

What I suggest, as do many others, is to use a fitness tracker or macro calculator that you can find online to help you identify how much carbs, protein and fat you should aim for each day based on your specific goals. My personal favorite fitness tracker is

Understand your eating structure for the day…how many meals/snacks do you need to eat to get enough nutrients, feel good, have energy and support your goals? For most, what is effective is 4-6 small meals each day…for example: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner. Eating smaller meals more often in the day helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels, which supports a faster metabolism, helps to keep your energy high and your brain functioning well, and it keeps you from overeating or starving yourself. But, it requires meal prepping!

Today, download or find another fitness tracker you like. Not only will it help you to identify and follow a nutrition plan that’s best for your goals, but it will also help you be accountable - try only eating what you can track!

I want to hear from you! Who currently uses a nutrition and fitness tracker? What works well for you? What are the issues you come up against?

You got this! Let’s go!

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