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Let's go grocery shopping!

Good morning lovelies! Yesterday we talked briefly about the importance of getting all your nutrients and knowing (and hitting) your macros in order to hit your goals whether it’s weight loss, leaning out, building muscle or maintenance.

Since many of you have asked about a shopping list - which is an essential part of meal prep and staying on track - I wanted to provide a mini grocery shopping list that outlines many healthy options for carbs, protein and fat. I am including plant and animal sources and have also indicated items that are gluten free :)

Again, we need ALL 3 of these macronutrients and our goal is to get them from HEALTHY SOURCES. Later this week I will share with you 2 distinctions to how a food is coming from a healthy source. Carbs and fat are NOT the enemy, they are essential to your health, vitality and any fitness & body composition goals you have.

I am providing a very general idea for portion sizes, but portions may be larger or smaller depending on your lean body mass, macros, height, weight, gender and level of physical activity. Use or another tracker to help identify the specific amounts you need each day and then simply divide that total by the number of meals and snacks you will be having throughout the day. This will help you determine the range you should hit for each meal :)

What’s on your shopping list???

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