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6-Step Meal Prep Success Checklist



You’ve all heard it…and as cliche as it might sound to you, this really is the biggest secrete to success in ALL areas of your life. And in the nutrition world, the foundation is 100% PLANNING.

Here is your 6-Step Success Checklist for creating pure awesomeness in nutrition, meal prep and cooking:

1. Meal Plan - Have a nutrition plan in place that supports your goals. Know your macros and basic eating structure for the day.

2. ​Containers - No food storage no meal prep!

3. Menu Planning - What are you going to eat to implement your meal plan, feel full and satisfied, and enjoy your food…be creative and have fun with this!

4. Shopping List - Buy only the foods that support your consistency on your plan (which ultimately supports your health, energy and goals)

5. TIME - If you don’t MAKE time for grocery shopping, meal prep and cooking it will NEVER happen. Schedule it in. No excuses.

6. Enjoy! - Focus on your grind, stay on track, release the excuses, be consistent and keep your body fueled and your tastebuds happy!

I want to hear from you! Self-evaluate where you stand with this checklist. What are you great at and already doing regularly? Where are your challenges? What’s holding you back? What excuses are standing in your way? Let’s celebrate all our successes and work through our collective challenges together.

You got this! Let’s go!

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