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Gratitude & Health

EVERY SINGLE DAY give thanks and gratitude for your health.

I just finished with a doctor’s appointment with my allergist, who I haven’t seen in a year. He would continually tell me I was one of the most complex and severe of all his patients. I was dealing with an aggressive form of chronic hives and angioedema– a painful and debilitating inflammatory condition. Exactly one year ago, I was experiencing one of my worst episodes of swelling in the face, mouth, hands and feet, and i was covered in hives, head to toe. I was in excruciating pain, couldn’t eat and could barely sip water through a straw. Last Thanksgiving, most of the swelling had gone down and I was so grateful just to be able to eat semi-solid foods.

In December, I experienced the last episode of these symptoms. One year later, I am the healthiest I have ever been, slowly tapering off my prescription medications, and today my doctor said “you are one my success stories.” This got me thinking…It wasn’t all the medical intervention that made me a success story (my body wasn’t even responding to all the medical cocktails I was prescribed). It’s your WAY OF LIFE and way of BEING that makes you a success story in health and healing. I attribute my journey of healing to so many things…the most tangible contribution was altering my nutrition, integrating very effective Herbalife programs, and reducing/eliminating the culprits (sugar, dairy, flour/corn, alcohol). The intangible contributions: the power of my MIND; gratitude; deep and confronting energetic work; prayer; visioning and declaring myself as health; healing some of the most foundational relationships in my life; rest & stillness; being in space of happiness; accepting and loving myself completely and BELIEF. I simply cannot express enough my gratitude for my health and my process. We all are born with the innate ability to heal ourselves. With the right tools and support you can and will activate this ability. You are your best healer…heal on and then spread the healing light to others.

This is my purpose and intention in this life.

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