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Butternut Squash Quinoa

I LOVE this recipe. It created it spontaneously a few weeks ago while cooking dinner and having fun in the kitchen, as I usually do on Sundays. I was getting excited about Thanksgiving approaching and all the delicious foods and cozy, warm smells that come with the holiday. Most of the foods served at Thanksgiving feasts are saturated with carbs…and usually not the good kind. So I wanted something that was compatible with traditional Thanksgiving foods but offered more nutrition, and good, healthy complex carbs. Quinoa is thought of as a superfood because it is the grain with the highest amount of protein; it’s a complex carbohydrate (which is slow-releasing into the bloodstream and helps stabilize blood-sugar & energy levels). Quinoa is also VERY versatile…you can add it to ANYTHING, and enjoy it hot or cold.

For this recipe, I chose to use tri-colored quinoa to add more color and crunch. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do…I’ve already made it 3 times for dinners and pot lucks!


1 cup tri-color quinoa

1 pkg cubed butternut squash (at Trader Joes)

¼ cup unsalted sliced toasted almonds

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tbsp dry rosemary

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp garlic powder

1 sp nutmeg

1 tsp sea salt INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Boil 2 cups water

*I like to add the spices listed above to the boiling water to season the quinoa, as well as to the cooked quinoa once we add the butternut squash

*optional: 1 tsp flax seed butter

2. Add 1 cup tri-color quinoa to the boiling water, cover and let simmer on low until cooked

3. Cut cubed butternut squash into smaller pieces…you can cut as small or as big as you prefer. I like to slice each cube in half to taste the butternut squash more than if it were cut into small pieces.

4. Cook the butternut squash in a frying pan, with some water (not so much that you boil the squash), cover and let simmer until the squash is soft. I like to add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to the butternut squash.

5. Chop the sliced almonds a couple times to make them a little smaller

*optional: roast almonds in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil until golden brown

6. On low heat, add the butternut squash and almonds to the quinoa. Add all spices (season to taste) and mix in well.

7. Serve hot, enjoy!


*Serving Size: ½ cup –Makes 8 Servings

Calories: 122.2

Protein: 3.8 g

Good Complex Carbs: 20.6g

Good Fats: 3.1g

Fiber: 2.8g

Sugar: 2.5g

***This recipe is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

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